About my masks and crowns -

Each piece is crafted by hand and signed. Though I am often inspired by a particular style or design, no two pieces will ever be exactly alike as leather, when sculpted, takes on a little bit of a life of it's own due to variables in the individual hides the piece is cut from. Please note that leather occasionally has some blemishes and irregularities, which I do not generally avoid entirely as I love the medium and enjoy it's individual nuances and see no need to pretend like it is something that it's not. Each mask ties with ribbon ties and is sized to fit an average adult, unless otherwise noted.

To keep your new mask (or crown, collar, etc…) in good shape:

  • Don't let it get wet, a wet mask will lose it's shape and hence, most of it's character. Don't let it fall into the hands (or teeth!) of small children or pets.
  • Keep it out of direct sunlight (although an occasional day's outing should do it no harm), and don't sit on it or otherwise let it get smushed.
  • To clean, dust with a soft cloth. Do not oil it.

And…enjoy it!